Nieuwe website

Beste huurder, Zoals je misschien wel hebt gemerkt hebben we een nieuw systeem gelanceerd voor het afhandelen van de verhuurzaken. Mocht je je aanvraag eerder via het oude formulier gedaan hebben dan kun je deze gewoon via de email afhandelen. Voor het aanvragen van Lambarene kun je hieronder inloggen en een aanvraag doen!

Welcome to the lease application of Radix Enschede. Here you can request the lease of our building, manage you request and ask questions.
To request a lease login using your Google account, this way you do not have to remember another password.

Frequently asked questions:

1. How can I request a lease?

You can request the lease of our bulding Lambarene using this webpage in the following steps:
  1. Check if your date is available in the lease calendar.
  2. Login using your Gmail account and supply us with your address and your phone number so we can contact you.
  3. Fill the form on the next page. You will be notified if you have a reply

2. What does leasing Lambarene cost?

Our prices can be found on the price list.

3. Is the bulding available at this specific date I want to lease?

You can check our lease calendar if the building is available at the date you want to lease it.

4. Are there any photo's of the building?

Yes there are! You can check them out in the photo album.

5. What items are present in the building?

In no particular order, we try to have:
  1. Some plates and cups (5-10 pieces)
  2. A water cooker
  3. A coffee machine
  4. A fridge
  5. A stove

6. How many beds are available?

We do not have any beds available for lease, you can bring your own matrasses.

7. How many people can stay in the building?

Due to restrictions of the fire brigade, a maximum of 30 people are allowed to sleep in the building. If you want to host more guests you can always erect a tent outside.

8. Is it possible to make a campfire?

A small campfire is possible in our fireplace if proper precautions are taken.